Community Supported Agriculture at Stones Throw Farm

We began our CSA journey with a small group of interested and supportive community members in the summer of 2007 – making Stones Throw Farm one of the longest continually running CSA’s in Central New York – our farm has continued to improve its production capacity and infrastructure and our CSA Programs have grown alongside the farm. We now offer three different CSA Programs with nearly year-round eating opportunities. Our CSA Programs are the foundation of our farm’s production and distribution and we are incredibly thankful for the dedicated support of our CSA members and farm community.

Our CSA programs are based on on-farm pick-ups and are known for providing incredible quality and value. We consider this an important part of our mission. Located in South Onondaga, our farm is just a “stone’s throw” from many CNY communities. Our on-farm pick-up system is a great way to connect with your food and farmers!

We grow a diverse mix of crops throughout the season and provide bountiful and well-rounded shares. All produce supplied through our CSA programs are grown here on our farm according to the principles and practices set forth by the Northeast Organic Farmers Association–Farmers Pledge program.

Your CSA Pick-Up Experience

Items included in your share will be picked, prepared and sorted for your selection. We have a “market style” CSA pick-up. We post the share’s contents on chalkboards in our pole barn and invite members to select and bag items themselves. We strive to produce diverse shares that will accommodate a range of eating preferences. It is possible for you to be in and out of the farm on pickup days in a very short period of time. However, we also invite you to stretch your legs and take a walk around each week; children are always welcome and we offer child-oriented programs throughout the season that focus on learning about the farm and sustainability in a hands-on way. At many times throughout the season there will be additional items available to CSA members on a “U-pick” basis at no additional charge. Our “U-pick” flowers and raspberries are always very popular. We host a number of CSA “community” events each season and our on-farm cooking demonstrations, led by a professional chef, are always a hit.

In an effort to “simplify” our members’ shopping and ultimately improve access to the many delicious, wholesome and sustainably produced farm goods in Central New York, we are happy to offer, when available, additional items for purchase at CSA pick up, such as dairy products, pasture-raised meats, poultry and eggs, honey, maple syrup and fruits. All items we offer are produced regionally by farming friends and neighbors.

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